Now an occasional repository of thoughts, this blog began on a dark and stormy night as follows:

The name of this blog is probably a little stupid, but that’s a perfect reflection of what my life is like right now.  Of course, that isn’t to say that I am stupid – only that being in your 20s is stupid.  For example, I am skipping a yoga class right now to stay home and start this blog.  Mainly because it is raining right now.

There’s a larger purpose behind this blog, though.  “Larger than inclement weather?” you must be asking yourself.  Why yes.

This is not a working girl blog, and that is my promise to you.  After four years of college and one year in France, a lot of my thoughts revolve around language… which is weird because I also think in full sentences most of the time.  It’s a pretty dangerous thing, really – language, I mean.  It can make you feel so powerless when you can’t get it to do what you want.  Language, then, is the uniting theme of this blog – the motif, if you’ll go there with me.  I’m not going to spend too much time dwelling on the power of language because I’d rather examine its function in my life: in what I read, in the awkward things I say, as a metaphor, as self-defining.

Did you ever have a teacher tell you never to define a word by using some variation of that word in the definition?  Probably, because it’s an unclear and redundant technique.  Language is recursive, though – have you ever seen a dictionary full of anything but words?

[Header photo belongs to me. Art in photo belongs to Redape and the city of Angers.]


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