How Can I Help Ya?

Guys, let’s get real: reading and writing are two of my favorite activities.  If you (like Malcolm Gladwell) believe that 10,000 hours make an expert, then my only possible areas of expertise are reading and writing (and maybe untangling knots).  Beyond this blog, I write and edit for various websites and friends, and I’d love to come into YOUR life as a writer, or editor, or both.  My approach to editing is pretty holistic, and ideally conversation-based… but I also derive great joy from copy editing and proofreading.

If you’re interested in finding me other places on the internet, please indulge in my contributions to CASE MAGAZINE, where I also serve as a member of the editorial board and edit for a cohort of our regular contributors.  And if you enjoy reading of the French variety, you might wanna check out EMUE books, where every now and then I’ll stick my nose into a reading or translation project.

You can also check me out on my last WordPress adventure and also on Omnivisaurus Rex, a pop culture blog I once contributed to with a few of my friends.  And if you’re really curious, read about past me on my old study abroad blog and the blog I kept while running The Listening Project during my senior year at Haverford



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