UPDATE 2017: Being that this website has been essentially defunct for several years (but my life has continued), the bio below is no longer accurate — except as an artifact of my life as of 2014. If you’re a WordPress historian, you’re welcome to stay. If you want an up-to-date accounting of my experience and accomplishments, by all means go here.

I’m Thea.  I grew up in New York City with my mom, one little sister, and no pets.  I spent the first four years of my higher education at Haverford College and ended up with a BA in Comparative Literature.  Since then, I’ve spent some time in France teaching primary schoolers English and making stern faces.  I’ve spent my latest working years making books and apps to teach kids foreign languages.  Now, (surprise!) I’m getting my masters at Columbia’s Teachers College in (surprise again!) International Education Development with a concentration in Language, Literacy, and Culture.

I like books and stuff.  I also like caffeine and the many natural forms it can take.  My relationship with Ira Glass is the longest and most stable relationship I’ve ever had.

I’m never going to be done learning, probably.  I’d like to learn how to watercolor and to play the ukulele without seeming like I’m trying too hard.  Some larger aspirations include becoming fluent in 10 languages (apparently it really changes your brain), home brewing, learning more about art, and applying to graduate school.  Starting a croissant blog was not on my important list, but sometimes the best things in life are surprises.  I am not always the tidiest person, but I wash my hair fairly often.  Curls like this don’t come for free.  This is probably what I would look like if I were queen.


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