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what’s this all about?

Some days ago, I snagged this silly WordPress handle and told myself it was time for another blogging adventure.  (Something about windows and doors…)  As is my custom, I came up with a rambling version of a mission statement, mainly to create a framework for myself and possibly to assist those of you who attempt to read the things I publish on my tiny strand of the worldwide web.

As you can probably already tell, I have a penchant for parentheses and run-on sentences.  Also, sentence fragments.  These are perfect examples of issues I will try to address on this blog.  Normally, I would have put scare quotes around the word “issues,” but I’m really trying to get out of the habit of doing that – even in my informal writing.

Having reached a point in my life where I feel reasonably bilingual, I think I owe it to myself (and therefore to the world) to address some of the questions I have about and troubles I have with both languages I know how to speak.  I’ll try very hard not to write too much in French, since Strunk and White tell me that writing too much in a foreign language can alienate one’s audience, which, in my case, is anglophone.

A note on the title: I don’t think of myself as a particularly cutesy person, so I still have some mixed feelings about my current domain name; mainly, I am concerned that my readers won’t realize that the “lala” isn’t as much of a “tralala” as it is a stutter or stammer.  Occasionally I will tongue-tie myself to the point of mispronouncing the words I am trying to say, and often I will say a lot more than I need to say to make a point.  Working on that.  “La-la-language” is also probably what they speak in “La-la-land” (not LA, the other one), and probably an appropriate allusion for my current life situation: recent liberal arts grad coming to terms with her reasonably privileged life and trying real hard only to piss off the right people (or the wrong people?).  A lot of what I write here will probably be anecdotal and everything will be drawn from my own lived experiences because they don’t call it a train of thought for nothing.

I don’t think double negatives are a bad thing, and I have no problem with split infinitives or sentence-ending prepositions.  This is my blog.


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