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Hello friends.  Yesterday was a rough day.  Today is a little better… mainly because today’s article on Case builds a really subtle framework that we can use to think about my haphazard observations about vulgarity.  Not to mention, Salon just posted an article that further unites these discourses, positing slang as a universal language.

What I like about all of these articles is that slang becomes both a personal identifier and a geographical mechanism.  Displaying a knowledge of certain pockets of slang might render me an insider in New York and an outsider in Chicago.  Using one kind of language at home and another outside might organize our lives – a kind of social bilingualism.

Speaking of shared languages (so good at transitions), I have one more link to share.  Emue is a small publishing outfit whose name is an acronym for Édition Multiculturelle Équitable.  Founded by a French expat in Australia, Emue wants to share French as a literary language, wants to publish authors who write in French, regardless of cultural or linguistic upbringing.  Be still my Comp Lit heart.  Given the synchronicity of our sensibilities, I was probably always fated to join the very international Emue team… and I am very excited about the possibilities for Emue in the US.  So check us out, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter!