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Writing Repository

Howdy! I’ve missed this place, but I think I might be back for real this time after a few failed attempts to get Twitter and Tumblr famous. 😦 Also, now I’m directing potential employers to this site, so hi guys! Sometimes I write things.

Here are some of my latest CASE pieces going from most to least recent:


Fear Catch Me

For the sake of the archive! Here is the last article I wrote for CASE on how one sentence in Pidgin English reframed the way a group of Americans thought about fear. Also note the exchange of comments at the end… defending your own work is maybe one of the most terrifying tasks. (On the other hand, I am realizing that I am sometimes a little too timid to state the things I think I know with conviction either because I’m intimidated by people or afraid of being wrong. Rats.)

Okay, anyway, here’s the piece. And there will be a new one from me in just a few hours. Golly.

today’s contribution to society

I have a new article up on CASE today… and I’ve also realized that with the new schedule I’m on right now, I’m going to have to rethink my regular update day on la-la-language.  Decisions to come.

Here is the beginning of my CASE article, Do Not Call:

I just added my cell phone number to the Do-Not-Call List as a precaution.  Campaign season is over and we’ve weathered the fall pledge drives, but still, the landline rings.  Lately, we’ve received a battery of calls from this phone number: 718-872-7180.  The caller ID tells us that some unknown entity “G R O U P” has decided to drop a line.  Repeatedly.

In the holiday spirit of charity, I opt for gentle rejection, often allowing the calls to ring through to the answering machine.  Occasionally, I will pick up, be asked if my mother is available, offer to take a message, be told that isn’t necessary, and hang up.  We still don’t know why they call.

[To read more, click link above.]


Guys, I just can’t stop writing about Skins for CASE.  It’s crazy.

Sorry about my absence yesterday; I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about hypertext, which will probably appear on here as word vomit next week!

sandy versions

Okay, one more piece about Sandy on CASE this week, and then I promise this blog will go back to normal: Sandy Versions.

Also, check out this article about Fluxus… in French.


How about a writerly, postmodern ghost story for Halloween?

Kind of.

It’s my latest contribution to CASE Magazine.

linking about stuff

Hello friends.  Yesterday was a rough day.  Today is a little better… mainly because today’s article on Case builds a really subtle framework that we can use to think about my haphazard observations about vulgarity.  Not to mention, Salon just posted an article that further unites these discourses, positing slang as a universal language.

What I like about all of these articles is that slang becomes both a personal identifier and a geographical mechanism.  Displaying a knowledge of certain pockets of slang might render me an insider in New York and an outsider in Chicago.  Using one kind of language at home and another outside might organize our lives – a kind of social bilingualism.

Speaking of shared languages (so good at transitions), I have one more link to share.  Emue is a small publishing outfit whose name is an acronym for Édition Multiculturelle Équitable.  Founded by a French expat in Australia, Emue wants to share French as a literary language, wants to publish authors who write in French, regardless of cultural or linguistic upbringing.  Be still my Comp Lit heart.  Given the synchronicity of our sensibilities, I was probably always fated to join the very international Emue team… and I am very excited about the possibilities for Emue in the US.  So check us out, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter!