today’s contribution to society

I have a new article up on CASE today… and I’ve also realized that with the new schedule I’m on right now, I’m going to have to rethink my regular update day on la-la-language.  Decisions to come.

Here is the beginning of my CASE article, Do Not Call:

I just added my cell phone number to the Do-Not-Call List as a precaution.  Campaign season is over and we’ve weathered the fall pledge drives, but still, the landline rings.  Lately, we’ve received a battery of calls from this phone number: 718-872-7180.  The caller ID tells us that some unknown entity “G R O U P” has decided to drop a line.  Repeatedly.

In the holiday spirit of charity, I opt for gentle rejection, often allowing the calls to ring through to the answering machine.  Occasionally, I will pick up, be asked if my mother is available, offer to take a message, be told that isn’t necessary, and hang up.  We still don’t know why they call.

[To read more, click link above.]


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